From ‘Bean-to-Cup’

The Journey of the Coffee Bean Explained.

Ever wondered how the humble coffee bean goes from bush to your cup? Arusha Coffee Lodge – one of the Elewana Collection of lodges, camps and boutique beach hotels in East Africa – offers an exciting and informative 'Coffee Tour' for anyone who wishes to learn the fascinating cycle of the coffee bean.

The Tour takes place within the grounds of the Lodge, which itself is located within one of Tanzania’s largest coffee estates. Weaving in and out of the evergreen coffee bushes, the Coffee Guide explains how the bean is nurtured, harvested, dried and finally roasted to produce a myriad of different blends that sate the taste of the most ardent of coffee connoisseurs.

And the best part of the sixty-minute tour? Most, if not all, agree that it is surely the preparation of the coffee for that all-important taste test. In full view of all, the coffee is roasted, then freshly ground and finally added to hot water, all three actions of which delivering aromas that awaken even the dullest of senses.