Community & Conservation


Elephant Pepper Camp has been the driving force in creating the Mara North Conservancy (MNC) which covers a core parcel of over 70,000 acres bordering the Maasai Mara National Reserve to the north and effectively increasing its size by 20%. The conservancy, established in 2009, provides some of the Masai Mara ecosystem’s prime game viewing, whilst guaranteeing over 800 Masai landowners stable revenue, transparent financial management and the preservation of the ancient balance between wildlife and traditional pastoralism.

Elephant Pepper Camp has worked with the local Masai community for nearly 20 years, with the creation of MNC only the latest development in preserving this vital wilderness.

Sustainable Tourism

Elephant Pepper Camp is one of only six camps in Kenya to have been awarded “Gold Level” Eco Rating by the internationally recognised civil society organisation Eco Tourism Kenya. The camp achieves environmental best practice by combining old fashioned safari camp know-how with the latest technology, leaving a minimal footprint. Almost invisible under the Elephant Pepper trees with completely removable tent structures, the camp relies entirely on solar power and uses only LED lighting.

Rubbish is responsibly disposed of or recycled and separated glass is sold to the recycling plant ‘Central Glass’ in Nairobi.


Elephant Pepper Camp has always worked directly with the community in this area since the late 1980s. Ensuring that the landowners benefit with a fair income from tourism. Since 2009, Elephant Pepper Camp has contributed over US$ 415,000 in lease payments and bednight fees directly to the Maasai landowners.

With the fixed payments coming in, these landowners have opened bank accounts, are able to plan their expenditure and even start accumulating savings. This helps them to set up local businesses and invest in the education of the future generation. Elephant Pepper Camp also employs over 80% of its staff from the surrounding communities.

Get Involved

On your safari, through the Cheli & Peacock Community Trust, you can really make a difference to the communities you are travelling near, by donating stationary, text books, uniforms, food and sports equipment in person, directly to the staff and pupils of a school. We work closely with the Committees of each school to make sure that each donation addresses a genuine need highlighted specifically by the school staff and parents.

At Elephant Pepper Camp, we support the local Ololomei Primary School which caters for 240 students from Pre School (age 6-7) to Standard 4 (age 10-12). In 2007 the camp had raised enough funds to build a new classroom, in 2009 we added a kitchen and in 2010 we provided the school with desks and chairs.

Contact Chania Frost our dedicated Project Manager, to find out exactly what Ololomei Primary School currently requires and ensure that you provide a genuinely needed contribution and have a meaningful interaction with Kenyan communities during your safari.

If you are considering bringing donations from abroad, visit the Pack for a Purpose website for very specific advice on what is needed. Please do note that when flying within Kenya, the internal flight weight restriction is 15kg and may therefore limit what you can carry with you to the camps and donate to the rural communities in person. We can always, however, donate anything over and above your weight limit on your behalf at a later date.