Kilindi Spa

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Deserved Indulgences

Tucked away in a peaceful corner of Kilindi’s tropical gardens we invite you to discover Kilindi Spa.

Reflecting its picturesque island setting and inspired by the natural elements , the spa offers a range of treatments in a serene and elegant setting to improve well-being and enhance relaxation.

We have created spa programs and treatments to suit your needs using only the best products, Healing Earth. This experience will transform your holiday. We can design a bespoke or custom made spa program for you to either Relax, Pamper, Detox or be Rejuvenated.

Our Healing Earth skin care products have been developed to revitalize the skin and prevent damage done to the skin by free-radicals, stress and the African climate. Healing Earth makes use of the healing essences of some of South Africa’s indigenous plants. The active ingredients in our skin care products are valuable in the repair process and assist with the restoration of damaged skin tissue. You can never be too young to start this preventative process.

While our physical bodies will eventually age, we can slow the process down in a powerful way. Derma cosmetics focus on the dermis, protecting it from water loss and damage from free radicals. The use of energy in daily practice helps repair damage in each and every cell in our bodies, working from the inside out.

A positive inner world creates an ageless being. With every thought, sensation and feeling you have, your nervous system undergoes subtle shifts in physiology, generating chemical messages that regulate your body. These bio-chemical communicators continuously mould the molecules that comprise your cells, tissues and organs.

Welcome to Kilindi Spa.

Signature Treatments

The Intonga Amasatchi Stick Massage

Only found at Kilindi Spa this is an exclusive, a must have treatment during your stay. Blessing the body and eliminating the stress is very much part of the healers ritual. In today’s world the body has a memory of all emotional experiences. If we do not treat our body and rid it of the stress it can lead to arthritis and a sluggish lymphatic system that can cause low immunity. The Intonga Amasatchic is a deep tissues and stress relieving treatment.  Skilful movements are performed with the hands and different size, custom made sticks, that stretch tight muscles and ease toxic overload from daily stress.

  • Please note that this treatment is not suitable for pregnant clients.

The African Goddess Facial

This antioxidant-enriched skin treatment combines massage, masque, exfoliation and cleansing into a powerful treatment designed to combat ageing and create a healthy glow. Our secrete combination of antioxidants ingredients is carefully selected to stimulate new cell growth and keep the skin healthy, lubricated and elastic making it less prone to the signs of ageing. Formulated with mix of Marula seed oil, Hypoxis root extract, Rooibos extract, aloe gel, coenzyme Q10, all naturally scented with Frankincense, Rose Otto and Graniun.

Your therapeutic journey begins with a warm back scrub, following by and relaxing neck and shoulder massage. A sensory treatment so luxurious you will want to be treated like an African Goddess every day.

Welcome package

There is nothing better than to kick start your relaxing time at Kilindi with a Spa treatment. This immediate rescue remedy will relieve stress, tension and fatigue. Soak your travel weary feet in a refreshing foot bath and get your feet revitalized by our awakening foot scrub. After that, you will enjoy a 15min foot massage followed by a back, neck and shoulder massage to relieve tiredness and re-balance your body and soul after a long journey.

Hands On

Stress recovery

To break away from the stress of day to day life, this 30 min massage concentrates on the back, neck, shoulders, head and face, and will loosen all tight muscles that cause pain and tension. You have a choice of massage, from an energizing, mussel and relaxing all using the finest oil finished off with a hot towel wrap.

Swedish massage

This full body massage is the perfect treatment to improve circulation, eases tension, reduces stress and relaxes body and mind. Your therapist will work with you to find exactly what areas need attention, restoring you natural balance of mind, body and soul.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Ideal for tired and hot feet, this ancient healing therapy that links the reflex zones of the feet to specific parts of the body, with a blend of powders that cool the feet, then a minty foot balm to moisturize and refresh your feet.

Indian Head Massage

Using coconut oils and a sleeping gel this is a deeply relaxing treatment focusing on the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. This treatment will relieve stress, fatigue and headaches. A calming and invigorating experience.

Deep Tissue

A choice of essential oils for relaxing muscles and energizing, this massage targets chronic tension in muscles that lie far below the surface of the skin. By identifying the tension areas your therapist will work the knots and tight spots, leading to a state of pure relaxation and well being.

African Beauty

Body Scrub

With a selection of scrubs for you to choose, including nuts or sugar, that gently exfoliates and contributes to the general well-being and creates a smooth, soft finish.

Coffee Body Wrap

The experience will start with a gentle exfoliator to prepare your body, then a natural combination of coffee extract combined with spearmint is applied as a mud wrap which sets on the body to stimulate the lymph drainage and blood flow together with toxin elimination. This wrap is particularly helpful in water retention and cellulite reduction. After the wrap relax in a warm bath with minted salts.

Rooibos and Lavender Clay Wrap

African maidens have captured the spirits of river mud for century’s, using it to create a more youthful and radiant complexion. This wonderfully therapeutic wrap contains deep-cleansing kaolin and bentonite for the absorption of excess oils and toxins from the skin, which makes it ideal for the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, sunburn and swelling. Jojoba, marula, aloe ferox, rooibos and lavender help to leave skin feeling smooth and refined stimulating lymphatic and blood flow.

African Potato Body Wrap

Our body experience start with an Inkomfi exfoliation combined with warm mittnes to prepare and purify the skin. Our pure and natural Hypoxis body wrap is formulated with African potato and marula oil, warmly applied to soften, soothe and improve skin hydration while also fighting free radical damage. This herbal blend relaxes you on application, while the rich background sounds of Africa help the mind focus on holistic experience. Enjoy a traditional foot ritual and deeply relaxing scalp massage while the wrap is melted into the skin.

Africa’s Slimming Detox Mud

We use and African plant combination infused into a natural mud to help with circulation and lymph. It contains I-carnitine and caffeine, which act as fat strippers and mobilizes to stimulate the lipolysis, along with Paulina Cupana seed extract and cysteric acid to trigger fatty acid liberation. Rooibos tea extract and aloe vera have soothing and calming effect when combined with essential oils of juniper, clary sage and lemongrass. This invigorating wrap begins with stimulating and exfoliating, working on circulation and lymph before the warm wrap is applied and heated. This wrap works particularly well for bodies in need of a detox owing to acidic conditions, arthritis, and oedema.

Good Night Sunshine

End a day in the sun with a soothing aloe wrap; with aloe that has been growing naturally in the Kilindi Spa gardens, this wrap will leave your skin feeling re-hydrated and fresh. Indulge in the cooling sensation of our wrap while you are enjoying a revitalizing foot massage. Please allow 30min preparation time for this treatment.

Balancing Rose Facial

Rosehip oil is steeped in history and has always been associated with the heart and soul. Our beautiful blend of Rose Absolute is designed to restore the skin’s natural balance while eliminating negative feelings. This is the ideal treatment for sensitive and stressed skin. This fragrant rejuvenating therapy has high vitamin C content, helping calm sensitive skin and minor dermatitis.

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