Daniel Yiankere - Paradise Ranger Award Finalist

Daniel Yiankere - Paradise Ranger Award Finalist

Last week, our brilliant security Manager Daniel Yiankere was invited to KWS Headquarters in Nairobi to celebrate #worldrangerday in recognition of being one the 50 rangers to have won an award in the 2018 African Ranger Awards by Paradise International Foundation.


On July 21st 2017, Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba and co-chair of Paradise International Foundation, announced in Kigali that a 10-year award program would be set up to support 500 wildlife rangers across Africa. The Paradise African Ranger Award will be given annually to 50 rangers in Africa who have made outstanding efforts to combat poaching, habitat loss, and the illegal wildlife trade. Today in Cape Town, some of the 50 winners will receive their awards in recognition and celebration of their achievements.

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Elewana Collection enters two outstanding properties in the World Luxury Hotel Awards

Elewana Collection enters two outstanding properties in the World Luxury Hotel Awards

whla-2018-KLZ 17-How-to-cast-your-vote-Luxury-Hotel-Awards

We have entered Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp and Elewana Kilindi Zanzibar for the 2018 World Luxury Hotel Awards. If you believe that either one or both these properties deserve recognition, please click on the images above to cast your vote. Voting closes on 31st August.

Established in 2006, World Luxury Hotel Awards is the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury hotel industry offering international recognition as voted by guests, travellers and industry players alike. Over 300,000 international travellers vote each year, during a four-week period to select the winners.


Shanga offers new Glass Blowing experience

Shanga offers new Glass Blowing experience

All of the activities offered at Shanga are reviewed on a regular basis - and where possible new ideas are integrated to enhance our visitors’ precious time with our Shanga family.


Everyone's loves the idea of glass-blowing. Which is carried out under the strict supervision of our most experienced glass blowers.

We recently had a young boy rather sweetly request to keep the glass that he blew. He had to return the following day once his artwork had cooked of course.

Now we’re pleased to say that we can now arrange for all guests to take home a lasting memory of their time with us.


Elewana Collection donates to the Diani Turtle Watch

Elewana Collection donates to the Diani Turtle Watch


This year Elewana AfroChic donated US$1,000 to Diani Turtle Watch, to aid to the conservation and protection of these beautiful creatures. It is a huge importance to the world to protect turtles and their natural habitats in order to maintain the balance of the ocean’s vast ecosystem, including maintaining the productivity of coral reefs, which in turn lend to the overall cleanliness of marine life. Due to habitat degradation and climate change, the population of turtles is decreasing rapidly, which is why organisations like Diani Turtle Watch are helping to try restore and increase the numbers.

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Since 2012, Diani Turtle Watch, essentially a group of volunteers, have been working to protect nesting turtles and their eggs. Development and construction along the coast has led to unsafe conditions for female turtles to lay their eggs, which is why a team is always on hand to carefully relocate nests to safer areas and ensure that the eggs have the best chance of hatching and hatchlings have a higher chance of making it to the ocean unharmed. As well as this, the Turtle Watch team collect valuable data by exhuming the nests and recording the number of empty shells, undeveloped eggs or hatchlings at various stages of development, helping to determine the success rate of each nest and eventually a wider picture of nesting activities and success rates in Kenya.

In addition to supporting Turtle Conservation through Diani Turtle Watch Elewana AfroChic also maintains and takes care of its own turtle hatchery, which has been successful in hatching two nests in March and April this year, thereby directly contributing to the rehabilitation and rejuvenation of turtles along the southern coast of Kenya and lending to the worldwide project to protect turtles.


Striving to be Greener

Striving to be Greener


On Saturday 14th of July, 17 members of staff from Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge gathered for an interesting and engaging day of workshops and training. The topic was Sustainability and Responsible Tourism and the trainer was Mr Johannes Solar, an expert in the field with years of experience to draw on. Staff came from all departments - housekeeping, security, kitchen, gardeners, front desk, waiters - each group was represented in this first training event.

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Conducted over a full day, the training covered a wide range of topics including Organizational Sustainability Concepts, Human resources, Supply Chains and Eco-Friendly Procurement, and Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, among others. The trainees engaged in the sessions with enthusiasm and had a lot of input and suggestions to offer from their own experiences living and working within the Elewana Collection.

This training workshop was the first in a series which by the end of the year will have reached every property in the Elewana Collection in Tanzania. As we implement the suggestions made by the trainer, such as the development of Green teams in our properties to implement sustainability activities and support our community and conservation work, we will see increased awareness of Responsible Tourism across the group.

It is vital for an organisation such as ours to work hand in hand with the habitats and communities in which we operate and to do so we must have the support and understanding of our staff, who after all are what make us who and what we are. The infectious enthusiasm with which this group from Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge undertook the training has given us much excitement about the next few sessions to be held, so watch this space as we keep the Elewana green teams coming!


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The origin of our company name - Elewana - comes directly from the kiswahili word meaning ’harmony’ and ‘understanding’, a concept that underpins our company philosophy and influences the way we deliver unforgettable safari experiences.


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SkySafari by Elewana is crafted to make it simple for you to book and enjoy an adventure to East Africa’s magnificent and game-rich landscapes.  Enjoy personalized service, luxurious accommodations and authentic safari experiences, transported in supreme comfort aboard SkySafari’s own plane.

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Land & Life Foundation is the charitable face of Elewana, focused on creating a sustainable future where communities and wildlife thrive together. With 100% of operational costs covered by Elewana, Land & Life works in key wildlife conservation areas across East Africa in the key areas of nature conservation, education and health.

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