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Wildlife Warrior Program takes on Digital Literacy Training


The Kenyan government distributed tablets, projectors, teacher’s digital devices (TDD) and content access point (CAP) to public primary schools across the country under the Digital Literacy Program. The aim of the program is to advance Information and Communication Technology in the schools, and is a great initiative from the Kenyan Ministry of Education.

Land & Life’s supported schools were amongst the schools that received these devices. Unfortunately problems on the ground include a lack of reliable power sources and internet connectivity. However these practical issues are not too difficult to solve – what Land & Life discovered however was that many children and most teaching staff had no background in technology and did not know how to operate the devices. Training had been provided in some places by the government but it had not reached all areas and many schools were left with devices they could not operate gathering dust in locked cupboards.

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Therefore in addition to the training facilitated by the government, the Land & Life team partnered with the Lewa Digital Literacy Team to provide an extensive and thorough training workshop in their supported schools. Its focus was the training of all teachers and the lower class students (Grade 1-4). The aim of the program was to offer training on the best practices of integrating ICT in their day to day learning.

The program was first launched at Esiteti Primary in Amboseli, which provided the basis of extension of the program to the other supported schools. To date the team has facilitated training of over 70 teachers and 367 students in 5 schools: Ololomei in the Mara, Kachiuru in Isiolo, Mwaroni in Diani, Ura Gate in Meru and Esiteti. The program maximized reach particularly in Meru, where representatives from 7 other local schools neighboring Ura Gate Primary were invited to also take part. These schools included Kiumbe, Mauthini, Riamikuu, Ntoroni, Shin Yhun, Irereni and Kamarenge.

The training has left both the teachers and learners looking forward to their ICT lessons. The Land & Life team will be conducting post evaluations in the schools to help solve any technical challenges that might arise.