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Elewana Collection celebrates Wildlife Warrior Winners

Through January to March the Elewana Collection with the six schools that we support in Kenya, gave pupils a challenge to write an essay on Water Conservation. After reading over 400 essays and narrowing them down to the best 10, the Land & Life team found it difficult to pick an overall winner as the entries were all so compelling.


The Competition was stiff; but two essays stood out - one written by an individual pupil from Mwaroni Primary and the other by a group from the same school. The Individual winner received a scientific calculator, a geometrical set, a backpack, a UN Certificate and a trophy to take home and display proudly. The winners of the group entry each received art supplies, individual certificates to acknowledge their individual effort and a trophy.

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The General Manager at Elewana AfroChic Diani invited  the winners from Mwaroni Primary for lunch and a swim at Afrochic to celebrate their hard work  On the afternoon of Saturday 7th July, 11 youngsters accompanied by 4 teachers were treated to a sumptuous meal and ice cream at Elewana Afrochic and a dip in the pool!

Elewana Elephant Papper Camp invited the Children from Ololomei Primary School on a game drive and a visit to the camp, where the winning group and overall winner was presented with a certificate.

We acknowledge and thank these youngsters for their courage and for standing for something bigger then themselves. Congratulations to all those who entered, giving a voice to Water Conservation.