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Update from Esiteti Primary School in Amboseli

Update from Esiteti Primary School in Amboseli


Esiteti Primary School in Amboseli is an education centre for the local Masai community, located near Elewana Tortilis Camp Amboseli. The school caters for over 400 boys and girls and is supported by the Land & Life Foundation, who work alongside the Elewana Collection to ensure the local communities living nearby benefit from tourism. The school has received several generous donations to improve the facilities in the school, and help create a new and improved learning environment for the children.

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We are delighted to update you on the progress at the school and confirm that the third new classroom has been completed and work on the fourth classroom will commence shortly. The construction of the 80 bed boy’s dormitory will start this coming month so students will be able to live and work on campus, saving them hours of travel by foot and allowing some to attend school who previously have been unable to.

A further generous donation has been allocated to build a library, arts and crafts and science block, construction of which we hope will begin next year. This facility will provide the students with exposure to basic practical skills in order to explore new talents and encourage literacy and academic prowess. It is hoped that these new facilities will enable students to discover new interests that grant them access to opportunities that would otherwise be unattainable.

Guests staying at Elewana Tortilis Camp are welcome to visit the school and spend time with the children and contribute to the community.