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Elewana Collection recognizes World Lion Day


The 10th of August recognized the animal kingdom’s most beautiful and regal creature, World Lion Day, is when we come together to pay tribute to these magnificent animals, acknowledging the importance of lions culturally and symbolically worldwide and to help protect the rapidly declining population, with only 20,000 left in Africa.

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The General Manager of Elewana Elsa’s Kopje reminds us that it is also a day to reflect on the lives of George and Joy Adamson, who drew the attention of the world to lion conservation in Africa; and on the responsibility that we all have to safeguard our priceless natural heritage, of which this iconic species forms such an integral part. George devoted himself to raising lions who could not fend for themselves and trained them to survive in the wild, acting as a role model to the rest of the world, showing the dedication we all need to have in order to save this beautiful species from becoming endangered, after all, "Africa needs Lions!"

Following the amazing work started by George Adamson, the Born Free Foundation started the Meru Lion Heritage Project, tracking and monitoring lions, deploying de-snaring teams and working with communities in order to educate them to reduce human wildlife conflict. Lions are losing their habitat, resulting in increased conflict with local communities and therefore leading to a collapse in lion numbers by 30-50% in the last 20 years.

World Lion Day is a day to appreciate the work done by so many foundations and organisations like Born Free, as well as to encourage more people to become aware of what we can all do to contribute to the protection and conservation of the ‘King of the Jungle’.