Loisaba Conservation Centre Opens

Loisaba-Conservancy-Centre-OpensGuests staying at Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp can learn more about the conservation work that goes on in the area by visiting the new conservation centre that has opened. Elewana Collection continues to support conservation initiatives such as this to ensure that wildlife is protected and can be enjoyed for generations to come.

The Loisaba Conservation Center is located on a 56,000-acre wildlife conservancy in the Laikipia area of northern Kenya, a critically important wildlife habitat. The Center’s main space is decorated with graphical information about conservation and the threats to wildlife. Its aim is to become the hub for conservation education in Laikipia for Laikipia’s community, tourists, partner organizations, government agencies and students. The ultimate goal is for the Center to help inform those who visit Loisaba about community-based conservation and how this model, with their support, will help preserve the area’s habitat and the endangered animals that live here.

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Loisaba Conservancy was established in 2014 by The Nature Conservancy, Space for Giants and the Loisaba Community Trust, to ensure that a migratory corridor remained for Kenya’s second largest elephant population. It also protects one of the largest remaining populations of reticulated giraffes, as well as endangered Grevy’s zebras, African wild dogs and hartebeest. Space for Giants has been involved in elephant conservation for more than 10 years in Loisaba and has established a multipronged approach for its work here. They are conducting a long-term research study of the family structures and spatial movements of the area’s elephants, as well as working closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service to monitor the illegal killing of these elephants and reduce human-elephant conflict. These partnership efforts have greatly reduced elephant poaching—not only in Loisaba, but in the whole of Laikipia.

As poachers continue to kill thousands of elephants across Africa and an increasing number of giraffes, organizations throughout Kenya are banding together to develop strategies to help curtail the illegal killing of these iconic animals. Education is one of these key strategies. To share information about the challenges that wildlife is facing in the highlands of Kenya, a team of conservationists and specialists in interpretive educational messaging—from Loisaba Conservancy, The Nature Conservancy, Space for Giants and San Diego Zoo Global—have created a one-of-a-kind conservation facility.

San Diego Zoo Global has also created Wildwatch Kenya, a citizen science website (at wildwatchkenya.org) that allows individuals to help review photos from motion-activated cameras at more than 100 sites in Loisaba. The public’s efforts to identify and count the animals in the photos from these trail cameras are already helping wildlife researchers sort and catalog thousands of images. Visitors to the Conservation Center will be asked to participate in the program.