Bush Walks with Elewana

Elewana-Kifaru-bush-walkOne of the best ways to explore the beautiful landscape around you is to enjoy a Bush walk, which allows you to be at one with nature and to experience the wild and rugged environment with every step.

Our experienced guides have the local knowledge and years of expert training to assess the best walking safaris for our guests and if suitable for each individual. Prior to any walking safari, guests will also receive a briefing focused on guest preparedness to ensure guests have had adequate information before and during the walk. It is fundamental that all guests carefully listen to and read the preparation briefing prior to beginning a walking safari. The briefing includes vital information and procedures that a guest needs to be aware of before they embark on a Bush Walk.

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Elewana Collection has strict age restrictions that apply and children under 16 years old are not permitted to join the Bush Walks, which are subject to the discretion of the lead guide due to the nature of the activity. For Children under 16 years who would like to learn more about the bush, we offer a Guided camp “bush” walk, where our guides love nothing more than Introducing children to the world that they love so much, showing them the animals but also imparting knowledge and a love of Africa. Our guides will ensure that children have fun, grow an appreciation of their surroundings and encourage them to become the next custodians of this fragile part of our planet. The “bush” walks have been designed for younger children, which are shorter and look at trees, flowers, grasses, insects, birds and bird calls, mammals, tracks and droppings. It is a safe and fun way to learn more about these fascinating environments and the animals that inhabit them.

Elewana Collection offers Bush Walks in specific camps in Amboseli, Loisaba, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Masai Mara and Tarangire. In the coming months, our camps in the Serengeti will be introducing Bush Walks so you can explore this beautiful landscape on foot to experience the true essence of being in the wild.

If you are interested in finding out more please read our full Walking Safari Safety Brief for further information or contact us for details.