Elewana Collection complies with GDPR


The new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May and covers the security aspects of data pertaining to EU citizens anywhere in the world and therefore effects business everywhere. It is each individual government’s obligation to enforce the new rules.

The fundamental issues are to ensure that data is held for as short a period as necessary, is relevant, has the consent of the person concerned and that anyone, at any time can demand to see copies of all information held and demand that it be deleted or amended if so wished.

In the spirit of providing transparency and clarity, we thought you would be pleased to know that Elewana Collection has updated its privacy policy. For more information, you can visit our updated privacy page on our website.

We believe these updates are necessary as we align with the data protection standards set by the GDPR) laws. We believe GDPR provides a solid framework for privacy and user rights, so we’re taking this opportunity to make fundamental improvements, ultimately benefiting you. We recently sent out a Newsletter requesting whether you would like to remain on our mailing list. For those that were happy to continue receiving information could click to remain, while those who wished to be removed could unsubscribe.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions. Thank you!



Refurbishment at Elewana Sand River Masai Mara to create an enhanced luxury experience

Elewana Sand River, Masai Mara, ideally located on the banks of the beautiful Sand River in a remote corner of the Reserve, is being refurbished in order to enrich the high standard of comfort that guests experience at one of the Masai Mara’s premier camps.


The main area of Elewana Sand River Masai Mara will benefit from an upgraded bar area, perfectly situated for watching the migration at the popular Sand River crossings and new landscaped pathways that meander between tents located along the banks of the river. The swimming pool that was centrally located has been removed with plans to build a stunning infinity pool near the banks of the river later this year.

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Guests will now be able to enjoy direct access to their shower ‘under the stars’ from the main bathroom complete with large freestanding Victorian style baths. All the guest tent decks are being replaced to the highest of environmental standards. The shade netting above the flysheet is being upgraded for better insulation and a colour that blends with the surrounding environment.

All the Elewana vehicles have been refurbished for the season and will continue to be driven by our dedicated team of professional Elewana guides.

Elewana Collection has appointed new General Managers at Elewana Sand River, Chris Wood and Debbie Partridge. Originally from England, they spent 10 years in New Zealand before emigrating to the African continent.  After stints in Namibia and Botswana, the couple moved to Tanzania, where they ran small boutique properties for a number of years. In their new role with Elewana, they will oversee the 16 tent camp including the current refurbishment s and renovations that are underway.

Elewana Sand River Masai Mara’s new look and feel recalls the spirit of the property’s original design, blending into the surrounding landscape under the canopy of trees that line the Sand River and surpassing guest’s expectations, all the while maintaining perfect harmony with its native surroundings.


Elewana Elephant Pepper Camp reopens for the season


With the final touches being done, the camp is ready to reopen for the high season on the 3rd June 2018. We look forward to welcoming our guests to this beautiful luxury bush camp with outstanding wildlife viewing in the heart of the Masai Mara.

Elewana Elephant Pepper Camp is one of Kenya’s original, very small and exclusive tented camps, located away from other lodges in the pristine Mara North Conservancy, where the numbers of vehicles are limited in order to guarantee intimate and personal game experiences.


Elewana Kilindi Zanzibar reopens 1st June 2018


The team at Elewana Kilindi Zanzibar are looking forward to opening its door for the season and welcoming guests from the 1st June 2018.
Set in a picturesque tropical garden with its secluded beachfront, the luxurious Pavilion suites embrace wide-arched glassless windows affording spectacular views over the Indian Ocean. Kilindi's 'open-to-nature' approach provides the true essence to any stay and crafts a private, intimate and 'barefoot' appeal that so many crave.

Zanzibar is a honeymooner’s paradise, every day brings excitement and wonder to couples celebrating their love. Explore the hidden secrets of the island or relax in the infinity pool watching the dhows head out to sea, with a gentle breeze filling their antique lanteen sails.

The historic Spice Island seems to have been lost in time with its narrow streets, carved doorways and ancient trade routes. As you head to the north of the island, Elewana Kilindi overlooks the ocean that has witnessed the spice trade route for over 500 years.


The Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame.

Elewana’s The Manor at Ngorongoro and Elsa's Kopje Meru have been welcomed into the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame.

This unique accolade is granted only to those businesses that have won the Certificate of Excellence for five years in a row. The Certificate of Excellence can be earned only by receiving consistently great reviews on the world’s largest travel site

A big thank you to the guests who took the time to post a review of their stay with us.


Elewana Tortilis Amboseli retains Gold


Elewana Collection are delighted to announce that Elewana Tortilis Camp has retained a Gold Eco-rating Certification from Ecotourism Kenya. The award congratulates the property for the continued commitment to setting exemplary standards in environmental management and conservation.  

Congratulations to the team for this remarkable achievement.


The second nest has hatched at Elewana AfroChic Diani

It is with delight that we announce that the second nest of turtle eggs has hatched.


On the 3rd of May when no one was looking and under the cover of darkness, the tiny turtles emerged from their protected nest and made their way down to the water’s edge to begin their new life out at sea. They are often not seen again until they return years later as juveniles to lay the foundations of the next generation.

On average, sea turtles lay 110 eggs in a nest, and average between 2 to 8 nests a season. The smallest clutches are laid by Flatback turtles, approximately 50 eggs per clutch. The largest clutches are laid by hawksbills, which may lay over 200 eggs in a nest. We don’t know the exact number of eggs laid in our second clutch but we estimate around 25.

It is hard to accurately measure a turtle’s life span but it is estimated to be about 80 years. All species of sea turtles, except for the flatback sea turtle in Australia, are listed as endangered or critically endangered.

We will update you when we have new nests in our hatchery. Lets hope that is soon!


San Diego Zoo Global: African Leopard Conservation Program


Most of the wildlife in Kenya lives outside of government parks and reserves, so it is critical to work with communities that are sharing land and resources with the wildlife that we want to protect. To better understand the ways that people are interacting with and perceiving leopards, in June 2017 a collaborative partnership between San Diego Zoo Global and Loisaba Conservancy was set up to conduct social and ecological research on the local leopard population in and around Loisaba.

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Ambrose Letoluai, who completed his secondary education with support from the Loisaba Community Conservation Foundation is the Assistant Researcher for the leopard project.
From June to August 2017, Ambrose conducted close to 90 interviews in communities around Loisaba, collecting data to test the relationship between livestock loss, risk perceptions, attitudes, and behavioral intentions towards leopards. When asked if leopards caused them problems, 75% of people answered yes, that leopards kill or injure their livestock. Such experiences can influence community members’ attitudes towards leopards and decisions when they come across leopards in the future. These connections are important to understand for conservation because leopard populations are in decline across their range. Leopards are listed Vulnerable by IUCN, with human-leopard conflict listed as the greatest source of direct mortality. A Community-Based Conflict Reporting Network has now been established with 13 Community Representatives from Kirimon, Koija, Ol Donyiro and Mutiyak to record and report large carnivore conflict in their respective areas.

To date, 35 cameras traps and 17 scented hair snares have been deployed across Loisaba, Mpala and Lorok covering 40,000 hectares. This has led to the identification of 15 individual leopards on Loisaba Conservancy and Lorok. With the camera trap expansion across to Mpala, it will likely take another 6 months before we have a better idea of total abundance on Loisaba. The last scientific estimate on Mpala in 2008 was approximately 12 leopards per 10,000 hectares. SDZG estimate between Mpala, Loisaba and Lorok there to be between 36 - 60 leopards based on that estimate. 

On 15th June 2018, a one day workshop on leopard/carnivore conservation will be held at Loisaba’s Conservation Centre. Led by a group of researchers from SDZG, the workshop will bring together all stakeholders in order to discuss the goals, plans and early results for the Leopard Conservation Program.
Elewana are incredibly proud to partner with TNC and Loisaba Conservancy where this valuable conservation research is happening. All revenue generated from Tourism activities on Loisaba is carefully reinvested into the conservancy and the surrounding communities. We are extremely grateful for the fantastic work that SDZG and LionLandscapes are doing and look forward to supporting it in the future.


Virginiamckenna westminster

Elewana Elsa’s Kopje Meru hosts Virginia McKenna

It was our honour and a privilege to host Virginia McKenna this month at Elewana Elsa’s Kopje Meru. On our final evening we had the opportunity to sit with her, as the candles flickered in the lounge, we listened to her tales of Meru, filming Born Free and her life’s work with The Born Free Foundation.

Brilliant on a magnificent scale Meru, with its glorious wide-screen grandeur and sweeping epic landscapes, is one of Kenya’s most celebrated parks, even without the legacy of Elsa the Lioness. Nevertheless, it was Born Free, the bestselling book and subsequent award-winning movie released in 1966 recounting the lives of George and Joy Adamson and Elsa the lioness in Meru that made this park the stuff of Hollywood legend.

Joy and George Adamson were undoubtedly two of the most celebrated champions of wildlife the world has ever known and Elsa the lioness, star of the best-selling book ‘Born Free’ written by Joy, the most famous lion. The book describes raising Elsa after she was orphaned as a tiny cub and the couple’s attempts to teach her how to hunt and survive on her own. Their efforts were ultimately successful, and she was returned to the wild.

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Hollywood brought the story to an even wider audience with the 1966 release of the Box Office hit ‘Born Free’, starring Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers. Filming Elsa’s life story began in Kenya, and the resulting Academy award-winning film was not only a smash hit, but a ground-breaking movie which captured the imagination of the world and redefined the meaning of wildlife conservation forever.

George and Joy forged a great friendship with Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers, who portrayed them in the film, and inspired the two actors into a life dedicated to wildlife conservation. They went on to establish the Born Free Foundation, which is still protecting wildlife today and is now managed by their son Will Travers.

Elsa the lioness is buried in Meru, with Joy’s ashes scattered at her gravesite. George is buried in neighbouring Kora National Park with his brother Terrence and two of his orphan lions, Supercub and Boy.

Meru National Park is wild and beautiful. Straddling the equator north-east of Mount Kenya, Meru National Park covers 870 km2 and has enormous diversity of habitat and wildlife ranging from cool forests to open semi-desert plains dotted with giant baobab and doum plams. Irrigated by 13 rivers and numerous mountain-fed streams, the meandering waterways are life-sustaining arteries through the rugged landscape.

Elewana Elsa’s Kopje Meru

Beautifully styled using only naturally sourced materials, Elewana Elsa’s Kopje is almost invisible to the eye as you approach. Sculpted into Mughwango Hill, above the site of George Adamson’s original camp where he raised his orphan lions and released them back into the wild, Elewana Elsa’s Kopje has long been regarded as one of Kenya’s most wildly romantic retreats.

Each cottage is individually designed, incorporating the natural features of the kopje, and enjoys a spectacular vantage point over the vast Meru landscape.

An elegant and comfortable open dining area and bar built in the same natural style as the cottages and a dramatic infinity pool sculpted into the rocky features and overlooking the Meru plains confirms this award-winning, boutique lodge as one of the most elegant and luxurious lodges in Africa.


Head of Guide Training & Activities for Elewana Collection trains Africa’s next generation of elite Elewana Guides.

Craig McFarlane is a gentle giant that is at one with the African bush. His passion and dedication both out in the field and when it comes to training the next generation of Guides, is unparalleled. He has had a lifelong fascination with the African bush and in turn, leaves an impression on all those who he has taught and guided over the years. As the Head of Guide Training & Activities for Elewana Collection in Tanzania and Kenya, Craig’s knowledge of the bush is impressive, with only a few guides being trained at his level in Africa.


As a boy growing up on the family farm in South Africa, his dream was to always to work in the bush. He was fascinated by animals, big and small, wild and tame, and spent all his time learning about them. His father taught him the foundations of being a guide and whenever he could he would guide clients alongside his mentor. There was no looking back, his passion was rooted in the bush and his life’s journey began.

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Craig has earned a number of qualifications during his career, including the FGASA Level III, SKS DG and Tracker II qualifications. With over 27 years in the bush, his knowledge and experience is unrivalled.

Looking back at one of his most dangerous wildlife encounter, Craig remembers a day when he was confronted by elephants while leading a group of safari travellers through the bush. He was leading a group of clients on a walk and we came across a small family of elephants, the matriarch had a small calf and with no warning charged with full intent. He told his clients to crouch as low to the ground as possible and make themselves as small as possible, so not to appear threatening. She stopped an arm’s length away and assessed the small group in front of her. Sensing they were not going to harm her small calf, she turned and left.

Thinking it was all over, Craig and his clients suddenly found themselves being charged by a young bull but knowing this was a mock charge was less concerning but still a close encounter. After making a lot of noise and displaying his strength, he too left and Craig was able to continue the walk with some very terrified clients, who learnt very quickly to respect animals in the wild. Without Craig's knowledge of elephant behaviour and quick thinking, this encounter could have meant disaster, not from the young bull but the older wiser matriarch.



Elewana Collection appoints new General Managers at Kilindi Zanzibar; Adam Howard and Kim Juergens

Elewana Collection is delighted to announce it has appointed new General Managers to take the helm at Kilindi Zanzibar. Adam has a Masters in Criminology and began his career in business development in the UK. Kim has a broad background in high-end hospitality in Asia, as well as corporate and political communications in her native New Zealand, where she holds a Masters in Journalism.

Adam and Kim have worked together for six years in remote locations that have a deep commitment to their surrounding environment, most recently as Resort Managers for a five-star pre-opening in Bhutan, and prior to that at Cambodia’s award-winning Song Saa Private Island.   

Adam and Kim are passionate travelers and animal lovers. They are excited to join the Elewana family to create an inspirational, ethical and memorable guest experience centered on barefoot luxury with a conscience.


Logo NEW without background

Join Elewana Collection as we gear up for World Clean Up Day

Elewana Collection properties and our Land & Life Foundation will support the Let’s Do It the organisation that is running the World Clean Up day campaign due to culminate on 15th September 2018.

wcd-app-2To take part please download the App from the Play Store for Android or App Store for iPhones. This is a World Waste Mapping tool that will help you to map the illegal waste and communicate the trash problem in the areas you visit either daily or occasionally. It also works as a unique database about the waste problem, gathering more information in one space than ever before. This app will help to show the politicians, media, etc. what the situation is. The app will have “gamification” assets to make it fun for the users. The plan is to work with social media giants to raise its visibility and get as many users as possible.

Instructions on how to map can be viewed on YouTube ‘World Cleanup Day mobile app for trash mapping

Where ever you are in the world, start mapping trash now. In order for this event to achieve what it needs to, we need as many people around the world to start using the App now so that by the time the big day arrives on the 15th September 2018, we have marked the locations that have problems, whether on a small or large scale.


DISCOVERY Loyalty #MyNatureWonder Contest Winners Announced

Elewana Collection through our DISCOVERY Loyalty programme, ran a travel competition, where members could submit a photo of their best travel nature adventure on Instagram for a chance to win a two-night hotel stay. The contest ran for the month of April and the winner has been announced.


The Grand Prize was awarded to @traveler_diary_by_jenny, who wins a hotel stay voucher at any participating DISCOVERY hotels, along with a Black Local Experience award, and runner-ups @mysquareworld and @teracota79, who both win a Platinum Local Experience award! Congratulations to all the winners and a very big thank you to all of you who took part in the #mynaturewonder contest, hosted by our partners DISCOVERY Loyalty.

DISCOVERY, an award-winning global loyalty programme, provides 12 million members recognition and perks across over 500 hotels, resorts and palaces in 78 countries. Elite members have the opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture through Local Experiences, distinctive activities that capture an authentic taste of each destination. For more information, visit discoveryloyalty.com


Show the world how you connect with nature

- The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest 2018.

Last weekend (18th-20th May) Elewana Collection hosted some special guests at Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp for a photo safari to help increase participation from Kenya in The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) global photo contest: nature.org/photocontest.

We were delighted to host TNC Kenya Program Director Munira Bashir, photographer Tatiana Karanja and PR specialist Naomi Mutua for the weekend. The Photo Contest began on the 1st April 2018 and ends on 31st May 2018 and there are some fantastic prizes to be won!

The team arrived at Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp on Friday afternoon and soon settled in to safari life with an evening game drive followed by sundowners. The next couple of days were action packed, visiting the Loisaba Conservancy tracker dogs, Conservation Centre and learning first-hand about the various projects being carried out by San Diego Zoo Global, Space for Giants and Lion Landscapes.

The weekend was enjoyed by all and we can’t wait to see the photos they took during their trip. Visit the nature.org website before the 14th June and vote for your favourite image, while enjoying a collection of beautiful photographs from around the world.



Thank you to Safari Professionals

The Safari Professionals Conservation Committee has made a large and generous contribution to Land & Life Foundation, which is the charitable arm of Elewana Collection. We would like to acknowledge and thank Safari Professionals for giving so generously.

The funds received will be used towards the development projects in Mwaroni Primary School, purchasing a much needed photocopier that will be used in duplicating and producing examination papers as well as school materials. All the children and teachers are incredibly grateful for this generous donation, as it take us one step closer to achieving our aim of providing life-changing education that encourages pupils to care about the world around them.

Thank you.


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Best African Honeymoon Destinations of 2018

Your honeymoon shouldn’t just be romantic, it should be the trip of a lifetime. Afterall, you did just embark on the biggest adventure of your life — marriage. So, why should your honeymoon be any less epic?

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Photo of the Month

Thornburn Cattermole

Gorgeous elephant bull at sunset roaming the Kitirua Conservancy neighbouring the Amboseli National Park - Taken by Thorburn Cattermole