Job Description: Group Procurement, Logistics & Custody Manager
Reports to: Country Director
Duty Station: Arusha Head Office

Position summary:

This is a group support service position responsible for planning, organising, directing & controlling all aspects of the group procurement, logistics & custody (PLC) function; overseeing budget and vendor performance to ensure operational excellence and assured material supply.

The group runs a centralised procurement system whereby the PLC  function leader will be required to centrally lead & manage all PLC activity in close liaison with each business unit & location. This person will be required to develop, maintain, and administer all aspects of the group PLC program, leading the PLC team to provide effective & functional support services.

The scope of this position includes all group brands, business units, lodges, locations, stores, warehouses and head offices in Tanzania.

This person will be required to implement strategies that maintain the security of supply, optimise value for money and ensure minimum control standards, such that goods and materials procured are consistent with group strategic objectives in terms of cost, quality, adherence to specifications, timely delivery & vendor performance.

The function leader will also be responsible for ensuring that proper receiving procedures are in place such that business unit(s) timely receive the requisitioned quality & quantity of goods ordered, at the quoted price. 

This will also include all necessary logistical coordination required to maintain inventory levels & material requirements at all locations, ensuring timely delivery of inventory requisitioned; optimising supply chain processes to further elevate revenue margins.

This person will be required to maintain proper safeguards over storage areas, with access being restricted only to authorised personnel; assuming responsibility for all warehousing operations, inventory control and security. 

The incumbent will also be required to maintain regular inventory count procedures to ensure consistent and accurate inventory system balances; with all physical variances being timely identified, addressed & resolved.

This position will also be required to develop functional goals, objectives, policies, procedures & strategies that facilitate compliance with the hospitality industry's PLC standards and regulatory framework; adopting best practice principles including integrity, transparency & ethical conduct, in all transactions & relationships.

The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate exceptional communication and leadership skills, anticipate and deliver on the needs of fast-paced operations, managing a wide range of PLC initiatives, whilst conducting periodic PLC compliance reviews to identify potential weaknesses, risks & events of noncompliance; ensuring implementation of internal controls that adequately measure and manage such risks.

Key Functions

  • Lead competitive procurement from best-in-class sources, at favourable prices, in the right quantity, at the required specification and quality to meet brand standards, on the most beneficial terms of payment.
  • Coordinate procurement of repair & maintenance materials for equipment & machinery, as per technical approvals and specifications received from project, maintenance & technical function leadership.
  • Approve LPOs, Delivery Notes, Goods Received Notes & associated procurement documentation within approval limits in liaison with the finance function; check invoices to source documents, correcting errors.
  • Cross check system generated documents periodically to ensure correct approval procedures have been followed, including provision of negotiated product pricing & required specifications.
  • Ensure all PLC transactions are duly authorised, accurately valued, timely recorded and appropriately classified in the accounts payable as well as related inventory system ledgers.
  • Maintain consistent liaison with the finance department to ensure that vendors’ invoices are received & submitted to enable timely payment.
  • Coordinate with business unit finance teams for cost & working capital management considerations; with emphasis on matters relating to cash flow availability, extended credit terms & total cost to company.
  • Approve and manage the procurement, logistics & custody petty cash float receipt(s) & spend.
  • Objectively source and develop a range of ethical vendors capable of meeting group level service needs; negotiate contracts to obtain the best price & service terms, proposing prequalified vendors for approval
  • Monitor vendor performance to ensure consistent service output; notify significant market price & product availability variations to internal stakeholders timely.
  • Evaluate vendors at least quarterly; carry out appraisals, develop a cost-effective strategy for sampling and review vendor capacity to ascertain sustainability of reliable supply; renew vendor contracts accordingly.
  • Oversee resolution of vendor grievances & disputes; develop key relationships with business stakeholders and strategic supply partners to improve supply & resolve local quality and service issues.
  • Expand vendor base for critical supplies to diversify sources of supply, consistently mitigating risk of low product availability/ non-supply; whilst taking advantage of prevailing price discounts.
  • Control & maintain (quarterly) approved vendor price lists, negotiating favourable prices & terms of sales with vendors hedging (adverse) price fluctuations to the largest extent possible.
  • Maintain market awareness of new products, alternative products, competitive pricing, alternate vendors; whilst forecasting price and market trends to identify changes of balance in buyer-supplier power
  • Explore informal value analysis to ensure best value for money by optimising the balance of quantity ordered and edible-portion (EP) cost.
  • Conduct research to ascertain optimal products and suppliers; identify and integrate key partner vendors into programs focused on service quality, supply cost reduction and efficient logistics.
  • Lead procurement initiatives & supply chain management studies, including cross-functional projects for cost savings and productivity improvements; monitor and report progress achieved periodically.
  • Conduct weekly PLC function meetings with staff and key stakeholders to assess risk, review future strategies, identify potential cost avoidance and improvement opportunities.
  • Continually improve functional performance & standards; develop and implement PLC work flows, policies and procedures to ensure consistent functional alignment with group strategic objectives.
  • Manage PLC staff recruitment & training; oversee continual development and ability of staff to deliver against set targets, striving for Best-in-Class status.
  • Ensure all procurement procedures are consistent with the group code of conduct & procurement policy; procure goods in a legal & ethical manner in compliance with prevailing legislation.
  • Lead all international (import) procurement activity in a cost effective manner; establish necessary links with international markets to ensure timely delivery of imported goods.
  • Manage import application(s), certification(s) & requisite documentation (AWB, BL, BOI, etc.) including the shipping agent for customs clearance; ensure compliance with import regulations & shipping procedures.
  • Ensure adverse PLC function risks are timely identified, managed, mitigated and reported on; such that the Audit & Risk Committee as well as Business Unit Directors are timely kept well informed.


  • Strategically plan, lead and direct the execution of logistics (site-logistics / in & out bound) to effectively coordinate orders received & subsequently dispatched.
  • Review material forecasts prepared for all the units for reasonableness on a weekly basis; ensure inventory requisitioned is in tandem with prevailing occupancy & seasonality.
  • Maintain liaison with lodge managers and department HoDs to ensure their requirements are timely met.
  • Plan, direct and timely coordinate logistics for supplies, ensuring maintenance of optimised delivery plans, schedules, route plans & costs so as to enable efficient receipt & dispatch of goods.
  • Oversee that all goods received & dispatched are of the correct quantity & acceptable brand standard; effectively manage the logistics team to avoid unnecessary delays, ensuring timely dispatch of goods.
  • Approve transfer-out delivery notes to ensure that all items dispatched to the lodges are timely posted in the system; further ensure that all goods-in-transit transactions are timely terminated & posted to the destination unit store with minimal queries/ supply disputes.
  • Ensure the inventory management/ materials control system contains sufficient checks, balances and approval segregation controls over inventory receipt & dispatch processes.
  • Drive logistical (operational) excellence to meet internal & external customer satisfaction; guide & direct logistics staff as necessary to develop & maintain a high performing logistics team.
  • Ensure effective operational liaison between logistics staff, vendors, manufacturers, internal departments and customers; attend to any supply/logistics complaints received.
  • Maintain oversight of key logistics performance measures; lead best practice initiatives to drive continuous improvement whilst ensuring compliance with logistics related laws & regulations.


  • Ensure all store & warehouse locations are securely maintained with inventory items stored & arranged in a structured, systematic & accessible manner; adhering to all health & safety policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that stores are managed efficiently and effectively; with all inventory transactions & movements timely posted; periodically plan & arrange for disposal of surplus materials/ waste taking up storage space.
  • Maintain an effective balance between bulk and ‘just in time’ procurement to ensure efficient utilisation of available storage space as well as optimise inventory levels without tying up excessive working capital.
  • Ensure complete control over central stores and warehouse inventory item levels & category locations, maintaining awareness of current unfulfilled orders, pending deliveries & recent deliveries.


  • Excellent communication, leadership, negotiation, analytical and report writing skills.
  • Excellent computer skills (Material control systems, MS Office & Google Suite applications).
  • Maturity, confidentiality, impartiality and trustworthiness; high level of ethics & integrity.
  • Possess personal drive, initiative and professional approach to efficient & effective resource management
  • Ability to share ideas & motivate team members to perform with a positive attitude.
  • Ability to problem-solve, prioritise and multitask to meet functional timelines
  • Ability to work under pressure within a cross-functional matrix environment.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Purchasing and Supplies Management from a recognized university
  • Member of the Chartered institute of Procurement and Supplies (CIPS)
  • Accounting qualifications & experience will be an added advantage


  • Minimum Ten (10) years’ work experience in a procurement position, that includes management of the supply chain, logistics, inventory & storage facilities, preferably within a hospitality group setting.
  • In-depth knowledge of hospitality industry procurement, logistics & inventory management practices, standards, rules and regulations is greatly preferred.
  • Experience in procuring OS&E, FF&E & high value maintenance materials will be advantageous.

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