Elewana Loisaba Star Beds beroom kids

We speak to Stephen Tsakiris, Relief Manager at the Loisaba Star Beds about sleeping under the stars.

What makes the Star Beds such a special experience

There are only four rooms so therefore it’s very quiet with a home away from home feel. The rooms are open so that the beds can be wheeled out onto the deck at night for the guests to sleep under the stars. Each room has their own unique view, but all have a view of the water hole. You are very close to nature and all sounds are intense and exhilarating. 

What stars and constellations do guests often see as they fall asleep at night

The star constellations that are normally seen include Scorpio Sagittarius, Virgo, and Libra. We recommend using an app called sky view lite to allow guests to study the stars at their leisure. You can also see the milky way shining brightly on a clear night. 

There are plenty of nocturnal animals in the bush, what will guests most likely hear at night

Guests will likely hear Hyenas, lion, elephants, zebra, baboons, rock hyrax and many more including a variety of bird life as well. 

Have there ever been any animal surprises

No to my knowledge apart from a semi-tame genet cat that comes every now and again into the sitting area just to see who’s around and then leaves.

Tell us a little about the walking safaris from the Star Beds

Walking Safaris from Star Beds are great as it gives the guest a different perspective on seeing animals as they have to be very quiet and alert. The walks are accompanied by traditional Samburu guides whose knowledge of local flora, fauna, culture and history is unmatched.

Could you explain a little about the sleeping experience

It's amazing and out of this world to be able to sleep under the stars and see the stars without the light pollution of a nearby town or city. Well worth the trip and in such a beautiful part of Kenya too. Loisaba will have something for everyone to take away as a memory.  Make the Star Beds a stop on your journey as it’s out of this world and all the guest that we have had to stay leave saying it has been one of the best stops that they have had on their safari.