George & Theresa Van Wyk, GMs for Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs and Elewana Loisaba Star Beds, share some insights on the reopening of both properties.  Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs has officially reopened and due to popular demand, Elewana Loisaba Star Beds is now open for the months of February and March, along with the Easter holidays.  

Congratulations on the reopening of Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs and Elewana Loisaba Star Beds. What are you most looking forward to sharing with guests now that you’ve reopened? 

It's great to be able to open our doors to guests again, and to have the opportunity to share our wonderful hospitality with our guests in such special properties as Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs and Elewana Loisaba Star Beds - and the amazing Conservancy in which we live.

What are some unique experiences that guests can enjoy while at Loisaba Conservancy? 

Being a Conservancy, we have a lot more flexibility with the range of activities that we are able to offer. Loisaba Conservancy is great walking country and we also have both camels and horses here. There are very few other safari camps that offer mountain biking, which is an activity our guests have the opportunity to enjoy at Loisaba. The Star Beds themselves, as the name suggests, affords guests the opportunity to sleep out under the African sky - and with no light pollution around, the night skies out here are truly a wonder to behold.

Any interesting/exciting wildlife experiences in this past month? 

A leopard female who has two very young cubs, has chosen a site close to a river bed not far from Elewana Loisaba Star Beds as a safe refuge for her little ones. She and her cubs have been seen frequently and are becoming very relaxed in our presence - so we really look forward to watching the growth and development of these two promising young members of the next generation of Loisaba leopards. The resident Narok Pride also has new young cubs, so it will be exciting to watch them grow and develop - the Pride is very much in residence close to Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp at the moment, which is wonderful for us.

What is your favourite aspect of the property and Loisaba Conservancy? 

Elewana Loisaba Star Beds itself is just such a unique concept. The property has a very special, "old world" safari charm about it. Nestled in a beautiful valley overlooking the Kiboko Dam, with spectacular towering rock cliffs to one side, it really is very special. 

The Conservancy is an area of tremendous variation in terms of habitats, rich in flora and fauna, including all of the Northern Kenya ‘species’. It is also just a beautiful area from an aesthetic point of view, with spectacular views towards Mount Kenya from Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs and its sister property, Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp.

What do you consider to be the best aspects of your job? 

Coming from a Professional Guiding background, undoubtedly the most rewarding aspect is sharing Africa in all her diversity with our guests and to see them become as passionate about the conservation of wild places as we are.