skal monaco

Thanks to tremendous support from Land & Life Foundation donors in 2020, including donations from top supporters like A. E. Reimann Foundation and SKAL Monaco, L&L will be able to provide significant assistance to local communities and schools.

In 2020, Land & Life Foundation received a much apreciated outpouring of donations, including a $110,000 contribution from their two biggest supporters - the A. E. Reimann Foundation and SKAL Monaco, both based in Monaco. The couple behind these two donations, Birgit Reimann and Constantine Panoussi, have generously contributed to Land & Life Foundation for the past six years. The funds will go towards Esiteti Primary, Elewana’s supported school in Amboseli, and community projects. Specifically, the funds will be used to pay school fees for 600 primary school students, salaries for 12 Esiteti Primary teachers, a handyman, and a cook, tuition for secondary and tertiary students as well as address the community's priority needs, to name a few.

Thanks to the couple’s support over the years, Land & Life Foundation has been able to fund the following in Esiteti, along with much more.

  • Awards for 12 Wildlife Warrior secondary school scholarships
  • 58 annual bursaries
  • Construct 4 classrooms equipped with desks
  • A large modern school library well stocked with books
  • Art supplies, furniture and computers
  • A modern school kitchen well equipped with fuel-efficient stoves
  • Erected a school shamba (garden)
  • Installed rain-water harvesting systems
  • Renovated existing infrastructure 

The community has also received huge support, before and during COVID, including receiving cows, household supplies such as mosquito nets, food and other much-needed items. Birgit and Constantine are an exemplary couple who work tirelessly to support the community and in return, the community has embraced them to the extent of building a manyatta (house) for them in the village.