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SkySafari is designed specifically to make it simple for you to book and enjoy an African safari holiday to Kenya and Tanzania, leaving you with time to relax and watch the never-ending circle of life unwind against the backdrop of East Africa’s iconic parks and timeless landscapes.

SkySafari guests enjoy the comforts of personalised service, luxurious accommodation, and authentic African safari experiences, while being transported in supreme comfort, safety and convenience aboard SkySafari’s own 9-seater Executive-class Cessna Caravan.

Our aircraft are not airliners and relatively speaking they are small. This means we have small baggage stowage bays and restrictive weight limitations for luggage. However, SkySafari does have a more generous weight allowance for luggage than local scheduled flights, which only have 15kgs.

luggage allowance Permited Not Permited

SkySafari luggage specifications are as follows:

  • 1 Piece per person with a maximum weight of 20Kgs.
  • Soft (all sides) luggage / duffel bags – with no rigid sides or wheels.
  • Maximum luggage weight is 23kg (including all carry-on luggage)
  • Maximum luggage size is 24in x 10.25in x 16.75in (61cm x 26cm x 42.5cm)
  • Linear dimensions of the checked luggage not to exceed 51 linear inches / 129.5cm, (length + height + width)

Carry-On Baggage permitted (Maximum weight 1.5 / 2Kgs)

Examples of items that can be brought on the flight as carry-on luggage include the following:

  • A lady’s handbag or purse
  • A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight
  • An overcoat, wrap or blanket
  • A small camera, binoculars, ipod, Kindle or similar
  • A laptop computer or an I-pad

An African safari adventure is an experience that will be with you long after you’ve left this magical continent. Let SkySafari guide you on this unforgettable journey of discovery and exploration, with care and indulgence.