Loisaba Star Beds View of Stars

Elewana has partnered with the Travelling Telescope to enable guests to enjoy the night sky as never before through a telescope powerful enough to see the mountains of the moon. The Star Safari is guided by seasoned astronomers who will offer a tour of the African night sky and share the wonders of both the latest scientific discoveries and exploration, coupled with the rich history of traditional sky knowledge in Kenya.

Kenya straddles the equator, which means that both the Northern and the Southern hemispheres are on display allowing guests to view the different constellations found in each. The equator is also the best location to view the planets and the moon as it is where they can pass overhead, meaning telescope views are less affected by the atmosphere wobbling the light, resulting in the sharpest views possible.

Through the powerful computerised telescope, participants will get a chance to drive it across the surface of the Moon and see its mountains, craters and ancient lava fields. The naked-eye planets are also very visible through the telescope.  See Saturn and its rings and learn about some of the fascinating moons around it.  Enjoy views of the constantly changing moons of Jupiter and learn about the ocean beneath the ice of Europa and the possibilities of life there.  Explore the deeper skies and watch stars forming (slowly) in stellar nurseries, and the much older globular clusters.  Guests will also learn about the different constellations in our sky, and how modern life really began once we started to understand and predict the changing seasons.

The Star Safari must be booked in advance of travel and prices vary from camp to camp. For more information contact our reservations team.