Lewa Conservancy announced a record rhino birth rate in Q1 2021. The positive news came on the heels of Kenya’s publication of its first zero-poaching record for rhinos in 20 years.

Lewa Conservancy is pleased to share that a record nine rhino births were celebrated in Q1 2021, bringing the conservancy’s total numbers to 118 black rhinos and 108 white rhinos. The population increase in Lewa also helped Kenya reach its annual target number for the black rhino population for the first time. Today, there are 853 black and white rhinos thriving throughout Kenya’s Conservancies and National Parks.

With improvements made to rhino monitoring, tighter security operations, as well as closer relationships with local communities and stronger collaborations with law enforcement agencies, Kenya Wildlife Service was pleased to confirm that there had been no rhino poaching incidents in the whole country in 2020. The zero-poaching record for rhinos was a first for the country in the last 20 years.