shanga podcast

Shanga’s Director, Ruth Willatt, was recently featured on the Stories Connect People podcast, highlighting the incredible story behind this successful social enterprise in Arusha. The interview with Ruth, led by American Polly Van Duser, explores the many incredible facets of Shanga, including its employment of artisans who also happen to be people with disabilities. Shanga’s staff have a love for creating beautiful handmade items in their workshop, a passion which is evident in every unique creation they make. Items are made available for purchase at Shanga’s local shop at Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge, as well as at Elewana Collection properties throughout Kenya and Tanzania. They also discuss how an aspect of Shanga’s mission is to focus on sustainability and how the use of as many recycled items as possible helps them adhere to their vision. The stories which Ruth shares with Polly are incredibly moving and inspiring. We highly suggest having a listen!