mid season travel

Edison Komora, Assistant General Manager at Elewana Tortilis Camp, Talks About The Advantages Of Travelling In Green Season.

What do you consider to be the main advantages of travelling in Green Season

There are a surprising number of benefits from travelling during the green season compared to the dry season. No crowds is the obvious one as there are fewer people travelling during the green season. That means guests get a more focused and peaceful time with the animals. There are also big savings to be had, so this is the time to take advantage of the deals on offer.

What can guests expect from the weather

Amboseli is warm and humid during this time although the evenings are a bit cold. Visitors can expect rain showers, especially in the afternoons.

Are there any animals that you are more likely to see at this time of year

This is the time animals are giving birth due to plenty of food on offer. There are a lot of babies around everywhere which in itself is very magical. We also tend to get a lot of migratory birds around during this time and so many different types of fascinating insects.

What are the highlights in Amboseli during Green Season

The Scenery during this time is amazing with Kilimanjaro showing herself most days. There is more snow on the peak after the rains compared to the rest of the year, that combined with the lush greenery around it, makes it one of the most amazing sights to wake up to.

Is there anything special at the camp that you arrange at this time

We definitely encourage guests to take a nature walk as there are more birds, insects and plants flowering so it can be very interesting. The weather is more pleasant for a walk as it is not as hot as the dry season.

What is your advice on packing for visitors 

Amboseli is generally warm, so light clothing is good during the day although a few warm jumpers are also advisable as some of the early mornings and evenings can be cold. After the rains, we tend to have more insects and bugs especially in the evenings, so long sleeves and trousers are highly recommended for the evenings.