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Guests can claim a complimentary fourth night when booking three nights at select Elewana properties across Kenya and Tanzania and children under 12 can stay for free. Stay longer for less when booking at any two properties from the featured list including:

Tanzania: Arusha Coffee Lodge, Serengeti Migration Camp, Tarangire TreeTops, The Manor at Ngorongoro
Kenya: Elsa’s Kopje, Loisaba Star Beds, Loisaba Lodo Springs, Sand River Masai Mara.

The special offer is valid for travel from 1 September 2023 until 31 May 2024, with booking window from the 1st September 2023 until 30 May 2024. To take advantage of this special offer, the booking must combine two properties from the above featured list. The offer is not combinable with any other offer and only applicable to new, non-resident bookings. Bookings are subject to availability with blackout dates from 20th December 2023 to 5th January 2024 and 29th March 2024 to 1 April 2024. Terms and conditions apply. For enquiries or to make a booking, contact your preferred travel agent or get in touch with us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We love nothing more than to see returning guests, so as a thank you, all repeat visitors can claim a 5% discount on their reservation and 20% off all spa treatments. What’s more, this deal is combinable with other offers adding up to some fantastic savings.

Not applicable to resident rates and spa services are unavailable at the Masai Mara and Serengeti properties.


Due to popular demand the camp, which has historically closed over this time, will continue to take guests. The spring months are a fantastic time to explore the Masai Mara, and although it is rainy season, the downpours tend to be in the evening or overnight.

The lush vegetation brings many wildlife out to feed their young and it is a wonderful time to witness the birthing season. The area is also less crowded, so guests are afforded many of these magical moments just to themselves.

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Wild Shots Outreach visited Loisaba in early September to work with local guides and community members to improve their photography skills and give them a different perspective on using photography as a tool for conservation.

WSO’s overall aim is to engage disadvantaged young Africans in wildlife and conservation through photography and by introducing them to the natural world, helping to nurture the conservationists of tomorrow.

Five guides from across Elewana properties in the Northern area of Kenya attended, as well as a community member who works on the leopard programme through the San Diego Zoo Research project in Loisaba.

The structure of the programme involved some 'classroom' training to learn the theory behind photography combined with game drives to put the knowledge gained into practice. Areas that were taught included freezing action, blurring motion, using natural light, depth of field and more - all critical for wildlife photography. Every morning included a review and critique of the previous days' photographs that were taken by the participants.

Participants shared their knowledge and experiences and were all inspired by each other as well as by the Wildshots team. At the end of the four-day programme, the participants were awarded a certificate from the course as well as a number of their favourite images in print format. This was made possible by a kind contribution from Canon Kenya through the loan of a photographic printer.

Elewana will be looking at future opportunities for partnership with this noble charity, so watch this space for more exciting photographic partnership updates!


Guido Bürger of Bürger International has joined us at Elewana as our new marketing & sales rep in Germany. Bürger brings to this new partnership a deep knowledge of Kenya and the German travel industry, having developed the project “50 Treasures of Kenya” with Hardy Fiebig (Kenya’s Hon. Ambassador for Tourism) and updated the most comprehensive Kenya travel guidebook in 2009 and 2019.

Bürger International also oversaw project-based appointments of the Kenya Tourism Board in 2019 and 2020 in Germany. Previously, Bürger worked with the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy and expanded his activities into MICE partnerships in the German markets with various clients including Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), Visit Estonia, Uganda Tourism Board, Ethiopian Airlines, and Scoot Airlines. Having a deep passion for Kenya, he has visited the country more than 20 times, developing his regional, social-economic and tourism knowledge. He looks forward to continuing to explore the country even more as we forge this new collaboration.

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Elewana has started a collaboration with Link Services, a boutique sales & marketing representation agency located in China. The agency focuses on the luxury segment and believe in the human connection and approach. Based in Beijing for over 12 years, they have strong connections within the industry, creating unique experiences for guests with partners who have become personal and genuine friends. Aymeric Naudin, founder of Link Services, is a seasoned sales manager, having worked for many years in the luxury travel industry. Link Services has represented the luxury consortia Serandipians by Traveller Made for many years, as well as luxury properties such as Andara Resort and Villas Phuket. We look forward to expanding Elewana’s reach within the Chinese market.

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Elewana would like to wish travel writers Chris Fitch and Emma Gregg good luck for the forthcoming Travel Media Awards. Chris’s article on Stargazing at Lewa Safari Camp for National Geographic Traveller and Emma’s on Elewana’s head chef Nicky Brydon’s use of local ingredients for adventure.com are nominated for the awards which will be announced at a ceremony at the Savoy Hotel in London on the 23rd October.

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nationalgeographic.co.uk: How Kenya's stargazing safaris offer fresh perspectives for wildlife watching

adventure.com: Africa’s green cuisine revolution: Meet the new generation of safari chefs switching things up

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We chatted with Hamza Visram, Elewana’s new Assistant Guide Trainer, about what he’s most excited about sharing in his new role.

How long have you been a guide and what initially inspired you to become a guide?

I have been guiding for over 14 years. It was something that I had dreamed about since I was young. My late cousin was a guide and he used to bring us to the bush during school holidays. He would share memorable stories that left an impact on me. From that point on, I knew it was what I wanted to do in life. I studied at the College of African Wildlife Management in Tanzania for three years, graduated and started my first position as a guide in Tanzania. Today, I continue to study and train, as there is always new information to uncover. Guiding is my life passion, and I am very grateful that it has provided me with so many opportunities. I look forward to sharing my learnings and passing on the legacy to new guides, whilst also supporting those who have been guiding for some time.

What continues to inspire you?

I love to meet different people from different cultures and interact with them. Guiding allows me to constantly get to know new people and learn from them every day, helping me to grow. I also love being in the wild as the animals are great teachers. I learn more and more from them each time I observe them. The wild is a never-ending learning experience! Teaching guides is also very inspirational, as I am able to impart my knowledge and share ideas, as well as learn more about them. I also enjoy seeing the excitement from guides who are just beginning their careers, it’s very inspiring.

What is it about Tanzania that makes it unique amongst other safari destinations?

The country’s stunning natural beauty is what first comes to mind. There are so many beautiful places, from Lake Manyara to Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater, the ecosystem is so diverse. The parks and conservancies are teeming with wildlife, from giraffes to elephants to prides of lions. It is also full of cultural significance thanks to important communities such as the Maasai people.

The Serengeti is also very special because its ecosystem is one of the oldest and home to a vast amount of wildlife, including the Great Migration of wildebeests, zebras, and antelopes, as well as having the big five – rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo, and elephant. I’ll be based at the new Serengeti Explorer property, where I’ll have the chance to share my knowledge of the area with those based there, and then will travel throughout Tanzania to the different camps.

What are you most excited about sharing with other guides?

I look forward to sharing my knowledge about animal behaviours and what I’ve experienced in the bush in the many years guiding people. My aim is to offer them help and guidance so that they feel comfortable and open with me. I hope that they will not be afraid to ask for help when they need it and I also look forward to listening to their interpretation of wildlife encounters, so that we can all learn more about the beautiful natural world that surrounds us.

What is one of the most memorable guiding moments for you?

This is a tough question, as I have been very lucky in having many exciting and memorable moments on safari! I would say the most memorable today is the time I had lion cubs at my feet. It was a very surreal experience as we were with a pride of lions with baby cubs for a long time, they were very relaxed and didn’t mind our presence. The cubs came over to sit at the very foot of the vehicle door on my side. Though I was still in the car, they were so close to me, we all stayed very calm and quiet, observing their behaviour. It was thrilling and I felt very lucky to be able to share that experience with the guests.

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Located within the world-famous Lewa Conservancy, which is home to a thriving population of black and white rhinos, Elewana Kifaru House is a charming haven for guests wanting an intimate stay on safari.

Taking its name from the Swahili word for rhino, the property boasts five charming, colonial-styled thatched cottages which are nestled in an oasis of vibrant green lawns dotted with young acacia trees. Guests also have access to a comfortable main sitting room, well-stocked bar and elegant dining area which extends to a large, comfortably furnished terrace. Guests can enjoy sunny breakfasts al fresco or afternoon tea while watching the latest happenings at the water hole, along with a picturesque infinity pool which offers magnificent views over the distant plains. Along with exhilarating game drives, where guests are almost certain to spot rhino, the property also offers e-bike excursions, guided bush walks, horseback riding, and night game drives. There is also the opportunity to visit the Lewa Conservancy headquarters to learn more about conservation from the wonderful organisation.

Families can book the family cottage with two separate en-suite bedrooms – a double and a twin. The property is also available for full buyouts upon request.

Students drinking water

Since 2011, the Land & Life Foundation has forged a deep connection with the Esiteti Primary School in Amboseli, Kenya, having supported its development in association with AE Reimann Foundation, Skal International, Africa Schools of Kenya (ASK), and Pankaj Foundation. Projects for the school have included the construction of new classrooms, toilet blocks, dormitories, playground, school feeding programs, funding all 696 students’ school fees, faculty and staff salaries, and maintenance costs.

Given the Amboseli region is semi-arid and frequently experiences intense and prolonged drought. Esiteti Primary School and the neighbouring communities experience some of the worst impacts of drought which have affected their wellbeing and livelihoods.

Land & Life Foundation, in collaboration with PARC (Powering Africa Recharging Conservation), has recently initiated a borehole project that will ensure continuous access to clean water for Esiteti Primary School and the neighbouring communities. The project, which is due to start before the end of this month, involves solarising the school borehole and incorporating relevant pumping and piping infrastructure to ensure the distribution of water to the school and neighbouring community. In addition, water troughs will be constructed away from the area for livestock and wildlife that will be supplied with water from the borehole.

Once access to water is secured, further projects with a particular focus on climate resilience in consultation with the local community and the school will be established. This will include permaculture and regenerative agriculture, fruit tree plantations, and seed/grass banking amongst others.

Through these community-integrated development projects, the Land & Life Foundation and associated partners aim to make a lasting positive impact on the Amboseli region.

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Across the globe, people are witnessing the gradual and pronounced impact of climate change. Some of the most affected individuals are small-scale farmers, who have seen an increase in challenges like severe drought, intense periods of rainfall, flash floods, and an increase in pesticide exposure due to pest and disease infestations. There is a growing need to adopt climate-smart agriculture practises to enhance agricultural productivity, increase resilience to climate-related shocks, and minimise environmental impact.

The Lewa Sustainable Agriculture Programme (SAP) has been at the forefront of climate-smart agriculture, working with farmers to increase agricultural outputs, leading to improved food security in partner communities. Additionally, the programme has positively impacted 5,000 students in Lewa-supported schools through the Conservation Education Programme (CEP), as well as the implementation of drip irrigation technology and sustainable school gardens.

The SAP recently entered into strategic partnership with Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT under its ‘Accelerating the Impact of CGIAR Climate Research for Africa’ project. The aim of this collaboration is to up the ante when it comes to the adoption of sustainable agricultural practises and improving agricultural productivity in the partner communities. Key activities include conducting soil testing for 500 farmers to accurately assess soil health and crop nutrition requirements, subsequently enhancing crop yields.

Moreover, the project seeks to strengthen the school demonstration farms within the pastoral and farming communities, fostering social inclusion for the initiative. Once these demonstration farms are enhanced, they will serve as a replicable model for other communities in arid and semi-arid areas of northern Kenya. They will also establish or support the maintenance of four school farms across the Eastern Cluster surrounding Lewa, where crop production is a primary source of income. The focus will be on implementing drip irrigation, ensuring water storage, and providing capacity building and training for the schools and groundsmen. The 4K (agricultural) clubs in the region will also receive support.