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We are happy to share exciting news that our charitable arm, Land & Life Foundation will partner with the Loisaba Community Trust, working together on various initiatives and conservation education outreach programs and together they hope to reach more children than ever before; to instil deeper and more comprehensive understanding of and love for the natural world than ever before; to lift and support the communities in which they work, giving people and wildlife the help they need to build themselves a better life; and to maximise the impact of the funds raised.

Loisaba Community Trust is a leader in the conservation industry, known for the great success of their conservancy model and the strides they have taken in community support and involvement alongside science and wildlife protection and natural habitat preservation. They currently support the development of high quality education in the Loisaba area by working with 10 local primary and secondary schools. They have put in place an extensive bursary programme, provided infrastructural and resource developments for the school facilities and campuses, and introduced school visits for local children to the newly completed Loisaba Conservation Centre to help embed a love for the wild world in the hearts of the local youth. These visits are often accompanied by game drives within the conservancy, and they have also run adult literacy programs, school competitions and wildlife club activities in partnership with San Diego Zoo Global.    

Loisaba Community Trust mission is to improve access to quality education in the Loisaba community and the new partnership with Land & Life Foundation is yet another example of the commitment to collectively help improve and enrich the lives of people living alongside wildlife; ensure that they continue to receive tangible benefits from wildlife tourism. One of the first projects under the partnership will be the revamping of the Wildlife Warrior clubs at Ewaso and Morijo Primary Schools; the children will be issued with membership cards and the WWP warrior’s pledge.  Later on in the year, the Wildlife Warrior Scholarship program ill be introduced whereby two bright youngsters - a boy and girl attending Ewaso Primary will be awarded with a secondary school scholarship. Fundraising efforts for Ewaso and Morijo Primary School’s will take place and give guests staying at Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp and Elewana Loisaba Star Beds an opportunity to visit the schools and see how they would like to get involved. The team will source funds for Ewaso dispensary in order to provide capacity building through training for the clinic staff.

This strategic partnership will ensure that each benefit from the expertise and experience of the other therefore creating synergy and enhance the Elewana brand alignment so that we may have a shared vision and goals.  This new venture will also ensure that our Wildlife Warrior Program grows and benefits communities that we would otherwise not reach. Loisaba sees this as an exciting way to increase their conservation footprint. Both organisations hope that this partnership will open up new doors and a whole new world of opportunities that will help in serving the community better.  The community will on the other hand benefit by having access to more resources - monetary and non-monetary that are fundamental in the longevity and sustainability our community projects.