Anti Poaching Team Lewa

Lewa Conservancy and The Northern Rangelands Trust have new additions to the Anti-Poaching team; Ruby, a full Bloodhound, and Sacha, a mix of a Dobermann and Bloodhound. Ruby and Sacha will replace brothers Tipper and Tony, the two Bloodhounds that have worked with the rangers for years, but are now due for retirement. The new dogs received training last month, and are already proving to be excellent trackers.

Tracker dogs, particularly Bloodhounds, continue to prove invaluable to anti-poaching and community security work. Their extraordinary ability to read terrain and track scents has enabled the rangers and local law enforcement agencies to do what was previously incredibly difficult.

Tipper and Tony have worked hard for the past six years, and the brothers’ have made it possible to catch poachers and other criminals, find illegal ivory, and rescue hundreds of stolen livestock in northern Kenya, saving many livestock farmers from bankruptcy.

Rangers and dog handlers Aloise and Ngila are delighted with the new additions to the team, and we will keep you updated on their progress and work.